Activities of Discover A New Dawn – DAND


Maarg Darshan

An initiative for those who tend to underestimate their capability to do something, owing to their disability. It works as an inspiration for those who consider themselves incompetent to achieve their desired goal. On many instances virtually loosing the zeal to strive and feel comfortable by taking refuge in the home on the ploy of being disabled. Now, this is exactly where our work starts.

DAND provides full Career Guidance to people with various physical disabilities. We thoroughly support them in taking right career decision, depending upon their marks, interests and aptitude and subsequently conduct them for a better existence.


First Step (Business Start Up)

DAND started an initiative called ‘First Step’ in 2020 to support PWDs who are struggling to set up their small businesses. In January 2020, DAND provided a small token of financial aid to 4 such aspirants. It is a baby step taken towards the self-employment of people with disability. 

We heartily thank each and everyone who is spontaneously associated with this venture.



DAND organizes Multi-facets Interactive Counselling Programs. These workshops are based on different important aspects of life of a person with disability viz. Legal Awareness, Education, Employment & Vocational, Self-employment, Social Issues and so on. The topic of discussion of all the sessions is mainly focused on Employment and Livelihood. In these workshops we often discuss about Fundamentals of Resume Writing, General Guidelines for interview, Suitable Career Selection, Various Professional and Skill Development Courses favourable for Persons with Disabilities.


Skill Development

DAND provides various types of skill development training programs for people with disabilities. For example – Soft Skill, like communication, getting ready for the job, preparing for competitive exams, Art & Culture, Handicraft product creation and marketing etc.


Legal Consultancy— 

Most people with disability do not have access to competent lawyers due to a lack of funds or enough lawyers who are fully aware of the rights of people with disability.

DAND has taken an initiative for persons with disability in this regard. Anyone with a physical disability in West Bengal can get legal advice online at the comfort of their home, completely free of charge. The person will be able to discuss and seek advice directly from an advocate.


Awareness and Sensitization

On the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 2020, we created a series of Awareness Creatives based on Facts & Figures, Myth Busting, Etiquette, Inclusion, Invisible Disability and so on.

We publish articles on our website on various topics and share content on our social media channels to impart knowledge on disability. 


Field Study

Discover A New Dawn – DAND ventured into a field study to examine existing scopes for better employment opportunities for persons with disability and accordingly strategies on building up mechanisms accessible to candidates seeking employment. We have surveyed people with disabilities in Kolkata and outskirts comprising mostly Visually Impaired and Locomotor Disabled.