DAND organisation is very supportive and helpful. I am proud for being a part of this organisation.

Monotosh Pal, Rajarhat, OH – 90%




DAND is a good organisation. As a person with disability I have been benefitted a lot from this organisation. When society disowns, they accept us wholeheartedly. They help us to find a purpose of life. First we get our self confidence back. The various aspects of life starting from living with dignity or livelihood everything get resolved here. I think more and more people should know about this organisation, I too will spread the word. I wish DAND’s success.

Ajay Kumar Manna, Kolkata, OH – 60%




DAND offers numerous help absolutely free of cost. They are always thoughtful about our career and livelihood.

Tarak Biswas, Kolkata, OH – 75%





DAND works with all types of disabled. Firstly they act on emotional or psychological aspect and conduct counselling sessions. Secondly, they put emphasis on career and thus provide spoken English classes, guidance for competitive exams and so on…    They even try to place us in different companies.

Gobinda Manna, Sonarpur, VH – 50%



We get lot of facilities from DAND, like spoken English classes, guidance for competitive exams, various workshops to improve our knowledge and skill. Those who participate in such programs feel satisfied and happy.

Hasnabanu Khatun, Baruipur, OH – 70%




The first workshop of DAND which I attended was a learning experience. Each aspect was so beautifully described. Such workshops are very helpful for people who are unaware and confused. I came to know about Special B.Ed and MSW courses. DAND is very enthusiastic, we get lot of encouragement.  DAND provides counselling to assess our own interest, skill and potential. All over I must stay that DAND is an eye opener for newcomers. They are very cooperative and they always try their level best to address the issues which are brought to them.  DAND is a very good organization and it will progress further.

Chandrayee Dutta Chowdhury, Kolkata, VI— 100%


NGO DAND … not much known to people or we can say that not so much popular to we “laymen”, but I do salute to the spirit and motivation given by its people, owner, employees who are religiously working for the “differently able” people of our society (be it physically or mentally). They do work for getting people of this section of our society to be called as “EMPLOYED”. 👍👍
After losing much hope of getting a livelihood and re- establishing the self- confidence in my elder sister (slow learner), DAND comes to us as a ray of hope – bringing new dawn to her life… it really means and stands by its full name – DISCOVER A NEW DAWN

Rituparna Mukherjee, Kolkata