Health Guidelines during pandemic for persons with disability

We are currently going through a crisis situation. We are trapped in a circle of worry and doubts. Keeping the current Covid-19 situation in mind DAND took an initiative. To begin with, Dr. Tapas Ray joined us and provided a complete Heath Guideline during pandemic. He explained how to wear a mask, washing hands, vaccination and many other aspects of staying safe and well during this pandemic.  He answered all the questions ask by the participants and clear the doubts. The programme was held on Google Meet on May 16th at 5 pm. More than 30 candidates with various physical disabilities were joined the meeting. It was a highly interactive and enriching session. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Tapas Ray.  

Participation of DAND in various Art Exhibitions

DAND participated in an Art Exhibition on September 29, 2019 at Bagha Jatin where we  showcased various handmade jewelleries created by disabled candidates.

DAND showcased its handmade jewelleries in an exhibition at Silverpoint School, Kasba in October, 2018.

We also participated in various school fairs and exhibition-cum-sale events.

Sharing few glimpses below:




face mask making workshop

Online Workshop on Face-Mask Making

We conducted an online workshop on “Face-Mask Making”. In this workshop our trainer Mrs. Srabani Mridha taught how to make Face-Mask at home easily. The purpose was to develop this new skill among candidates who may utilize this skill for their earning. Around 10 participants joined the session. This was a 2 day workshop held on July 25 & August 1, 2020 respectively.


face mask making workshop


face mask making workshop 2

Unsolicited Confinement is not new for Persons with Disability

The Isolated World of the Disabled People 

Boy in a wheelchair

The Covid-19 crisis has forced the world into isolation. Everyone have started experiencing the feelings of loneliness and the psychological effects of being isolated – stress, anxiety, and depression. However, there are millions of people worldwide, who are no stranger to this kind of isolation and exclusion from the society.

What the corona virus has forced on the rest of the population has been unintentionally forced on these group of people – the ones living with severe disabilities. Indeed, what seems to be an isolated world for many today is the norm for many disabled people. With less accessibility and lack of independence, a large number of disabled persons are forced to live in a world of exclusion confined to their home for most of their lives.
Suddenly, and for the first time, the general population are coming in face to face with the reality of living in isolation, excluded from the normal life. The sense of isolation and detachment from social life felt by people today can be a temporary phase, but for those with severe disabilities, it is permanent and back to normalcy is something far from reality. Even for a large section of elderly population, these experiences of exclusion and isolation is unfortunately their usual.
This should be the time that the realization hit the minds of people. Sensitive people could now realize what forceful confinement means and what it does to an individual – emotionally and psychologically. This realization might help bridge the psychological gap existing between abled and disabled people. People’s empathetic actions can bring a change to the usual lives of those in social exclusion, deterring their loneliness and isolation for years from the rest of the society.

First Step | A DAND’s Initiative

We are glad to inform that DAND has started an initiative called ‘First Step’. This initiative has been taken to support disabled persons who are struggling to set up their own small business.  In a recently held programme DAND provided a small token of financial aid to 4 such aspirants. This is a baby step taken towards self-employment of people with disabilities. We are looking forward to conduct this activity every year and provide financial aid to few chosen physically disabled candidates for small business set up.

We heartily thank each and everyone who are spontaneously associated with this venture.

DAND Organized Paper Craft Workshop

DAND started a new segment on Paper Craft from September 7, 2019. On a 2 day workshop the candidates learnt the art of creating various items from paper. Thanks a lot to the resource persons and candidates for their time, patience and effort.

survey report

Survey Report 2017-18 | DAND

After inception of DAND, initially we wanted to understand the socio economic condition of persons with disability. So we performed a survey on disabled in Kolkata and its periphery to examine the situation. The survey was conducted on more than 200 candidates who have completed basic education and are employable.

Among the surveyed 129 candidates were Visually Impaired (VI) and 83 were Orthopaedically Handicapped (OH).

The survey was undertaken through 2015-16 and carried out in Kolkata, South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas.

Among the respondents 61% were Male and 39% were Female.


74% of the candidates having above Seventy Percent disability and 26% having less than Seventy Percent disability.

Among the respondents 48% were Graduate and 52% were Under Graduate.

We realized that in spite of completing basic education and being employable 76% of the candidates remain unemployed. They are deprived of most of the opportunities. The basic needs for social security, dignity and employment remain unfulfilled for them. Only 24% are employed or self employed.


The Actual Number of Data Collected:

Male: 133

Female: 84

Graduate: 105

Undergraduate: 112

Employed: 52

Unemployed: 165

OH: 83

VI: 129

Other: 5

Above 70% Disability: 160

Less than 70% Disability: 57

Rural: 135

Urban: 82

DAND’s Handmade Jewelry

DAND always strives to create various livelihood options for persons with disabilities. In its latest endeavor DAND has set up a small team of creative people which comprises individuals with various disabilities and volunteers to assist them.  At present the team is manufacturing exquisite handmade jewelries which are in high demand these days.


DAND – At a Glance

At a Glance

Name of the Organization—   DISCOVER A NEW DAWN (D.A.N.D)

Discover A New Dawn – DAND is an NGO working for people with disabilities and undertakes various activities for differently abled community in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Contact Numbers – 91 8697105299 / 7044612758


Year of establishment— 2014

Date of Establishment – 5th March, 2014

Chief Executive of the Organization – Miss Debasree Bhattacharya (Secretary)


Legal Status:

  1. Registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. The organization is established to work as a charitable trust to work for persons with disabilities.
  2.  Registered u/s 12A(a) of Income Tax Act, 1961
  3. Certified u/s 52(2) & (4) of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 95 of Social Welfare Department W.B.