Maarg Darshan

‘Maarg Darshan’ – Exploring Limits

‘Maarg Darshan’ – An initiative for those who tends to underestimate their capability to do something, owing to their physical disability. It works as an inspiration for those who consider themselves incompetent to achieve their desired goal. On many instances virtually loosing the zeal to strive and feel comfortable by taking refuge in the home on the ploy of being physically disabled. Many starts questioning – Whether this physical limitation is such a huge hurdle on my way that it will put an end to my desires and aspirations? Is there no suitable job that I can perform successfully?  Is my life going to become an obligation? Or shall I have to take up the profession which I do not enjoy working at all? Well, there are many such questions that require an answer and naturally many answers to the questions accordingly. The dilemma increases further when you seek reply to your queries but find it utterly confusing and wonder whom to look upon for the reply.

Our country developed significantly in last 100 years and today counted among the top-20 countries across the world. But does our country treat its differently abled countrymen equally and consider us as a productive workforce? The answer is still ‘NO’. We can be better from the rest and can perform better, yet in the perspective of government policy, we are nothing but only 1200/- something per month, is this our right or their beg. In govt. jobs, only 3% is reserved for physically challenged which is again insufficient. Now you say in this 3% who all will get the job and who all will be benefited among 21 million differently abled people of our country. Well we are not here to discuss govt. inaction, laws etc but trying to put the actual scenario in front of you.

Now, this is exactly where our work starts, we would like to ask you, entire life will you depend on your family, friends, relatives and government or will try and test your own potential and strength once, with all your heart ?? Your potential and strength can be anything. It can be personal skill, art, study or anything – Just tell us we are with you. We assure you that if you want to do something in life, if you want to proceed in life, then share with us open heartedly. We will show you the right path. Trust us; there is no relation between physical disability and talent. Those who strive to attain their dreams with hard work and dedication are called achievers.

We will provide you full Career Counseling and will be a part of your journey till you reach your goal. We will thoroughly support you in taking right career decision, depending upon your marks, interests and aptitude. Talk to us as we are waiting to guide you. You can avail this service absolutely free of cost. All you have to do is to fill in the form available at the end of this page (please ensure that all the information provided are true and correct) and send in duly filled. After this our expert will contact you personally and interact with you and subsequently conduct you to better existence.

Thank You !!!

Please note that we are not Placement agency or hiring people for job. We are only here to guide you. Feel free to send your feedback to us.